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Glass Pieces Studio is a small fused glass studio located on Long Island, New York run by artist Jan Tozzo. 

"I’ve always loved glass but until about 10 years ago hadn’t had the time or opportunity to explore working with it as an artistic expression.  While raising my family and pursuing jobs that paid for life’s necessities, I dabbled in many different handcrafts;  sewing , knitting, stenciling and general household painting and furniture refinishing. But now that my children are independent adults and with their love and support and the encouragement of friends, I’ve been able to devote the time to what has become a passion: kiln-forming glass in a studio I’ve built in my home in Cold Spring Harbor.


Starting out it was all about working at making something out of pieces of glass. Experimenting with different techniques and trying new things. What I’ve found is that sharing my art is the best part of the process.  It gives me great satisfaction to see a flat piece of glass transform into a beautiful item that can add color to someone’s home and their life. It may be a functional dish or a decorative item that graces a table or sideboard, but each time your eyes fall on it, even for just a second, a smile will light your face because you’ve enjoyed a thing of beauty. Or maybe it was a gift from someone special and seeing it reminds you of them and that they thought of you when purchasing this piece of art.  That single item has given you pleasure and made you forget the events of the day. That is why I love to create these glass pieces.

During the isolation of Covid I became interested in creating mosaics out of slate, glass and found objects. See my new work in the Slate and Glass Mosaics section of the website.


I hope you enjoy my creations and they give you as much pleasure as they have given me."


-Jan Tozzo


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